19 Sterndale Road is an exemplar eco-refurbishment project that will
set the benchmark for future
housing specifications and design.

Low carbon, energy efficient family home

Notting Hill and partners are converting this Victorian property into a low-carbon, energy
efficient family home, as part of one of the most extensive pilots
for sustainable specifications in the UK.

Significant savings

Over the next two years we will test and monitor the energy savings and CO2 reductions
of the properties' eco specifications, while residents live in the property.

The exemplar eco-refurbishment will allow Notting Hill Housing to put in place
the technology to save its residents around £1,300 each year on energy
bills, and cut carbon emissions at the property by over 86%, equivalent to 10,000kg CO2/yr.

Decent homes

Notting Hill's portfolio features significant Victorian, Edwardian and Georgian stock in urban areas, all of which are due to have work carried out to meet Decent Homes standard by 2010, and carbon reduction targets for the housing sector by 2016.

We are placing our focus in improving existing stock to provide residents with affordable and realistic eco specifications that would be of benefit on a daily basis.

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